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I'm currently taking a look into Handy/SDL-Emulator, but expierence
same nasty Problem:

Since you cannot change the default Keys for HandySDL the A-fire-button
(normally Z) is sitting on Key Y, since Y and Z are changed on a german
Keyboard :eek:

Therefore the emulator isn't nice to use ...

Ok - someone could say ... simply change you default keyboard map
to American Keyboard-Layout, but I have a second idea in mind:

I recently built myself an arcade cabinet and would like to have the lynx-emulator
running there as well (beside Mame).
The Interface for the arcade-sticks and button is using the default mame-keys
(ctrl, alt and space) for the buttons.
So I need to change the keys of Handy/SDL to these keys.

I was searching the whole net to find some sources, so I could
change the default-keys myself, but unfortunally I wasn't in luck.

Finally I found your page and read, that you're only distributing the

Ok, here is my question:

Is there a possibility that I can get the sources and compile them myself ?!?
That would be the easiest to me ... and won't cost you time :)

I would even try to bring in a kind of keyboard-map reading feature and
give it back to the community - although I'm not a very good programmer,
and the result is more a hack ;)

If you say no to giving me the sources, could you PLEASE (begging on my knees) make me a special binary version that uses CTRL for A-Button and
ALT for B-Button. If you do so I would always be in you depth :D

Thank you in advance for your response.

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