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Keyboard Problem/Question for Handy/SDL

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I'm currently taking a look into Handy/SDL-Emulator, but expierence
same nasty Problem:

Since you cannot change the default Keys for HandySDL the A-fire-button
(normally Z) is sitting on Key Y, since Y and Z are changed on a german
Keyboard :eek:

Therefore the emulator isn't nice to use ...

Ok - someone could say ... simply change you default keyboard map
to American Keyboard-Layout, but I have a second idea in mind:

I recently built myself an arcade cabinet and would like to have the lynx-emulator
running there as well (beside Mame).
The Interface for the arcade-sticks and button is using the default mame-keys
(ctrl, alt and space) for the buttons.
So I need to change the keys of Handy/SDL to these keys.

I was searching the whole net to find some sources, so I could
change the default-keys myself, but unfortunally I wasn't in luck.

Finally I found your page and read, that you're only distributing the

Ok, here is my question:

Is there a possibility that I can get the sources and compile them myself ?!?
That would be the easiest to me ... and won't cost you time :)

I would even try to bring in a kind of keyboard-map reading feature and
give it back to the community - although I'm not a very good programmer,
and the result is more a hack ;)

If you say no to giving me the sources, could you PLEASE (begging on my knees) make me a special binary version that uses CTRL for A-Button and
ALT for B-Button. If you do so I would always be in you depth :D

Thank you in advance for your response.

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Okay.... Didn't had the time to check the forums for over about 8 months so please forgive for the late reply.

Currently Keith Wilkins has opensourced Handy and there for a releases of the sources would be no problem. But there is a problem, I "lost" the sources during a complete RAID1 failure and my old backups (CD-ROM's) are unreadable ( Tip : Never use the cheapest CDR media for backups).

First I'm going to enjoy my holiday (starts 19th August) and then I'll look at my current state of time. Maybe (really maybe) I'll do the Handy port from scratch or I'll try to get some sources from Caz (if he still has them that is).


Niels Wagenaar
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