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Kega Fusion 3.6.3 release

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Kega Fusion, the popular virtually everything Sega related emulator by Steve Snake has a new version released 2009-10-07 for Windows only.

From the history notes:

Kega Fusion v3.63 (Windows) (C) Steve Snake 2009

Whats New ?

* Made some changes to the config options. Hopefully this fixes a problem
some people were having where Windows would fail to size the window
correctly, although I cannot reproduce this problem.

* Moved SMS controls into main controls window, matching the other builds.

* Fixed a couple of problems relating to SMS controls.

* Fixed preferred country detection order - at some point a couple of them
got switched somehow.

* Various SMS fixes.

* A few minor 32X bugfixes and tweaks.

Other builds to follow soon.
source: Eidolon's Inn : Kega
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I'll need to try X-Men for 32x on this.
This is a damn good emulator. Glad to see it still getting updates.
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