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Kega Fusion 3.2 Released

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Can you say YM2612, 100 times? :evil:

SteveSnake said:


This is the first emulator to claim that the Genesis/MD soundcore is now emulated as accurately as can possibly be through emulation, and we have Steve's years of reverse engineering (and a very critical public) to thank for that. :)

Kega Fusion 3.2 is now made available for download by Steve. Google it. For unoptimized, yet working rendering plugins, I suggest you see the attachments in this post. For those interested in the rendering plugin source, visit Kega's homepage.

I'm quoting the version changes since Fusion 0.1e BETA from the readme, since I forgot to paste those in the closed 3.0 thread.

Kega Fusion v3.2 BETA (C) Steve Snake 2005

Whats New ?

Again, another quick update:

* Fixed another YM2612 bug that I added in 3.11 - I accidentally deleted
one line of code that I thought shouldn't be there while fixing the other
bug from version 3.1. Doh.

* Rewrote another part of the YM2612 core. Should now be pretty much

* 32X PWM should now be the correct volume. I haven't noticed any nasty
clipping yet, but if you do, just turn off overdrive.

* Slight change to SegaCD PCM. Don't know if this affects anything.

* Various internal changes that should hopefully make MP3 decoding work
properly when VSync is on, or some slow render plugin is being used.

Now, this time, I really DO mean "Next update will come when I get my
life back." Hopefully this is only a month or so away. We shall see.


Kega Fusion v3.11 BETA (C) Steve Snake 2005

Whats New ?

VERY quick one...

* Fixed silly YM2612 bug that I added in the last version.

* Now selecting -fullscreen from the command line will not alter fullscreen
setting in the INI file.

That's pretty much it, the last version was unusable because of the silly
YM2612 bug, so I needed to get a new version out quickly. I had a look at
the MP3 problem some people were reporting, and made a small change to
fullscreen mode which *might* help. I'll need to rewrite my entire CDDA
handling code to make any real improvement, though... Some other time.


Kega Fusion v3.1 BETA (C) Steve Snake 2005

Whats New ?

Just a quick update:

* Rewrote a big part of the YM2612 core. This should now be very close to
perfect. However, I'm not in a position to give it any major testing, I
may have broken something...

* Fixed 32X Border Colour.

* Slight alteration to MP3 support - not that I could get it to go wrong,
but now it should work without problems on all systems.

* Fixed Fullscreen / Escape key problem when running from a command line.

* (Hopefully) Fixed Fullscreen problem when starting up. This is actually
a graphics driver issue, but hopefully my workaround should eliminate
the problem.

* Slight change to controller code, now invalid settings such as UP+DOWN at
the same time cannot be performed.

The YM2612 core was the biggie, spent 99% of my free time on that one. I'm
sure I fixed a couple of other things too, but I forgot ;-)

Next update will come when I get my life back. I'm sure everybody will have
a big list of requested features by then :D


Kega Fusion v3.0 (Maple) BETA (C) Steve Snake 2005

Whats New ?

Well, since I only just got my PC back, and since my free time right now
is totally non-existant, far less than I hoped to have done. But rather
than delay this any longer, since I *have* added a lot of features that
various people have been asking for for a while now, I'm making another

You may have noticed the big jump in the version number? Somebody commented
that they didn't bother trying Fusion, because of the low version number...
Well, since there has been Kega, Lazarus, and now Fusion, that makes this
Kega 3.0, right? ;-)

* Fixed problem with 32X PWM when changing SampleRate.

* Added Genesis Border Colour Emulation, and option to disable it.

* Small fix to 6 button pad code (Double Switch - thanks TascoDeluxe).

* Much improved Sega Mouse support.

* Config Dialog now remembers what page you were on :)

* Removed ISO/BIN reading for SegaCD - this is now handled by the BIN/CUE
engine. You won't notice any difference, but trust me, its better ;-)

* Fixed bug in BIN/CUE engine when multiple files were used.

* Added MP3 support to the BIN/CUE engine. Yes, this means that Fusion now
supports ISO/MP3. Fusion uses the Windows Codec and therefore contains
no patented algorithms. Too many people asked for this feature, so
although I didn't really want it, it's now there.

* VSync now works in Windowed mode. Be aware that this can severely slow
down the emulator, especially if your monitor is not set to a multiple
of 50hz or 60hz, depending on the region of the game you are playing.

* Made improvements to both Standard and Alternate Timing modes.

* Added Pro Action Replay support for the Genesis.

* Added GameGenie and Pro Action Replay support for the GameGear and Master

* Added CodeFinder for Pro Action Replay.

* Fusion should now be compatible with WinXP Visual Styles.

* Added "Fast Forward" mode. Probably doesn't work if VSync is enabled...

* Various small optimisations.

* Fixed a couple of minor issues affecting the SegaCD BIOS CD Player only.

* When Fixed Aspect is disabled, Filtering is enabled, and you are running
an NTSC (USA/JAP) game, the screen will now be slightly stretched. This
works for all consoles. Stretching does not happen for PAL games, because
PAL TVs show more lines than NTSC TVs, and because some PAL games use the
extra portion of the screen (Virtua Fighter 32X, for example). And no, it
doesn't completely remove the Master System border. That would look very,
very wrong.

* Now supports up to 24 Render Plugins. This should now be way more than

* Switched around the naming of the various Scanline modes. People like it
better this way.

* Fusion will now start in fullscreen mode if it was exited from that mode.

* Other stuff that I've forgotten.

Still some major work planned for Fusion, once I get my life back...

Anyway, hope you like the additions to this release, and hope I didn't
break anything. I'll have to start documenting some of this stuff properly,

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I think I will definitely give this a try...thanks for the update, klatch. ;)

r2rX :D
For those who don't know, Kega Fusion is a Sega SG1000, SC3000, Master System, Game Gear, Genesis/Megadrive, SegaCD/MegaCD and 32X emulator for Win9x/ME/2000/XP.
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