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Is there a way to run a application only via controller and TV-out and let someone else use the same Pc for Photoshop etc. I'd like to play some GBA games on TV while pop needs to do some photoshopping.
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You can extend your windows desktop to span to two screens. The method depends on the videocard drivers. IIRC with an ATI you have to install HYDRAVISION, while nvidia includes it with the drivers. Once done, drag and drop the emu window to the tv screen and maximize it. The pc screen will remain clear and be usable for photoshop. The problem is that both photoshop and an emu are resource intensive applications, so unless your pc is pretty powerful, it can be very slow for both.
Thx for the help, it works like butter, without sound tho. ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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