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<a href="" TARGET="_blank">Kazzuya</a> today released a new version of his great PSEmu Pro compatible soft GPU plugin. Thi splugin is mainly meant for those who're using a slow PC or don't have a 3D accelerator. Let's take a look at the changes in this release :<ul><li>F5 now leads to a full featured run-time menu where one can change things on-the-fly without having to mess with F-keys (no F-word intended !).
<li>Added a new stretch filter mode: directional stretch. Kind of slow. Will further optimize if gets enough positive feedback.
<li>Added option in the config to open native 320x240 display for those that need that extra bit of performance, as suggested by Linuzappz.
<li>Fixed crash bug that was allowing games to use System 11- style VRAM without really allocating it 8P
<li>Fixed crash when taking snapshots of 24 bit display (movies).</ul>You can download Kazzuya's GPU plugin v1.7 from <a href="/psx/plugins/win32/gpu/">here</a>. For more infos, check out Kazzuya's post at his <a href="">homepage</a> !
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