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And it goes on with the plugin mania started yesterday: <a href="" TARGET="_blank">EmuManiac</a> just informed me that <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Kazzuya</a> updated his PSEmu Pro compatible graphic plugin yesterday to version 1.6 (keep in mind 1.6a and b were beta versions!).

As the name suggests, this plugin isn't using any special API like Direct3D or OpenGL, it's pure software emulation, and therefor mostly recommended for people who don't have a fast 3D accelerators. Anyway, let's take a look at the big list of changes in this version :<ul><li> Fixed memory transfer issues that pleagued FF9
<li>Blurryful DirectDraw hardware stretch is now grouped with the blitting options. And it doesn't get selected automatically in place of the simple stretch.
<li>Interline mode's dark lines are now brighter.
<li>FPS and Help screen (F5) display don't flicker anymore, at the cost of some slowdown.
<li>User changes made while playing, such as: window position, type of blit, fullscreen mode; are now saved on quit and restored on restart.
<li>Changed registry, users will need to reconfigure.
<li>Abandoning alpha & beta definitions from this version. Alpha and Beta don't make much sense without proper testing !</ul>Sounds like a nice amount of changes, pushing this plugin up to one of the most recommended ones for software emulation.
*Update* Pete and Kazzuya just informed me about a major bug, which caused the plugin to crash - an update is already available, and both, the plugins page and the below download link have been updated. *End of Update*

You can download the latest version <a href="/psx/plugins/win32/gpu/">here</a> or from our <a href="/psx/plugins.php?page=gpu">PSEmu Pro GPU plugins page</a>. You can find Kazzuya's official homepage (with lots of other crazy stuff :)) at <a href="" TARGET="_blank"></a>.
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