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[size=+2]Kawaks v1.55 released[/size]

We have updated kawaks adding a couple of drivers and bringing other drivers inline with MAME 0.100 and later.

  • [size=-1][/size][size=-1]
  • New drivers:
    • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Asia 960529)
    • X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (US 961023)
    • KoF 10th Anniversary Extra Plus (hack)
    • KoF 10th Anniversary 2005 Unique (hack)
    • KoF 2002 Magic Plus II (hack)
    • King of Gladiator (hack)
    • Lansquenet 2004 (hack)
    • Varth - Op Thunderstorm (World 920714)
  • Added a missing port in kof10th (0x2ffff8).
  • Renamed sfz3a to sfz3ar1 to match MAME.
  • Renamed ROM's in dndtod set to match MAME.
  • Renamed mshvsf to mshvsfu to match MAME.
  • Renamed ddsomr1 to ddsomr2 to match MAME.
  • Renamed some set names from 'bootleg' to 'hack'. 'Bootlegs' are games identical to the original apart from protection. 'Hacks' are changed to alter gameplay or add features not in the original.
  • [/size]
Kawaks keeps rocking :guitar:. Get it at

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Sweet! Thanks!

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yay for mame!
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