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Kameo Time Line - Story and Evolution through consoles.

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Kameo Time Line - Story / Manga and Evolution through consoles.

This was posted awhile back on GS and even contains a Manga of the new Xbox 360 game Kameo. Its pretty awsome to see how the game was first developed on the GC and and evolved through the Xbox to the 360. Check it out guys, you might find something interesting (they've even got wall papers) :thumb:
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Xbox 360

I like how the evolution went, but I think I would have liked it even if it never switched consoles. But I gotta admit, they put some fine touchs on it ;)
Silenus said:
Seems like a great game, looks good.

Hmm, Doesn't anybody see a resemble of the main character kameo with a character from sudeki called Buki.
Your right, ... and they are both fine :cool:
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