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K-1 Grand Prix, problems with all versions of ePSXe!

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I just dug up my old K-1 GP from my warehouse after I started kickboxing.. :D
But it seems all versions of this emulator have different problems running said game... :/
1.7.0 stops loading (in "Now Loading"-screens, and between rounds), 1.6.0 stops loading but *only* between rounds, and 1.2.0 won't save..

Any ideas? This game seems very incompatible with ePSXe.
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i'm having problems playing this game. i am able to browse the menu and the players selection but the game just freezes (i believe) while loading the match. same applies for training match so something is wrong with trying to get the fight going. im using the 1.8 epsxe version latest.
hey, i have tried with 1.9.0 but it still hangs. i notice the fps value just stops changing which i assume the program just hangs, because i cant change the fps limit when pressing f4. the file is .bin.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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