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Just opened a new site!

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ehehe... so much news here ;)

on sidenote, anyone knows a good site to register it at a lot of search engines at a time, and a good free guest book?
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Well there are program you can use to register your site at multiple sites with. Just goto and type search engines into the search box to a list of 'em.
well is the best place for it !! oh and good work !
have u seen the site itself :p :rolleyes: :p :rolleyes:
nice accessible site, me #15
To bad the logo ain't animated it would be really cool !
Visitor #20, great site Neojag! I particularly like the Chrono Cross wallpapers! (Why do you not have enough space for a Chrono Cross section?). Anyway, maybe you could email the ePSXe team, and get them to use one of your ePSXe designs? Good work! :cool:
Hey thats a pretty good site........!
What are you going to do next , a new sound plugin for Project 64 ?
Visitor #40, hmm nice site Neojag
thkx everyone again :) im gonna add a guestbook later and also animate the logo :)

u rule ppl!
That would be very nice Neojag!:)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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