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I've often wondered, how much does it cost to build your PC? How much did you pay? Did you buy all of it at once or part by part?

What is your PC, worth? (Make estimations by multiple prices via google)
Just take about 15 minutes raping google for price estimates on your gear if you don't know. It doesn't take that long.


E6300 CPU - $130
4GB Gskill 1000 RAM - $44
Samsung 22'' Flatscreen LCD - $250
Thermaltake Soprano RS Case - $85
Radeon HD4850 512MB RAM GPU - $170
2X 80mm fans - $12
1X 120mm fan - $12
Zalman CNPS9500A CPU cooler - $40
250GB 8mb cache Hitachi Sata HDD - $50
640GB 32mb cache Samsung Sata HDD - $100
2X DVD-RW CD-RW Drives - $50
500Watt Goodpower PSU - $40
Soundblaster Audigy - $60

crap mouse - $15
crap keyboard - $30

around $1200!!

Now I want to know what your PC is worth.

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Mine's pretty damn cheap:

CPU: Rs.4600
MOBO: Rs.4650
RAM: Rs.2500
Case: Rs.2100
Optical drive: Rs.2100
TV tuner: Rs.2000 (a few years ago that is)
HD: Rs.4500 + Rs.3000

TOTAL: Rs.25,450 OR $370 :p

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All of these are rough guesses, so I don't claim to be able to be quoted exactly on this.

I really don't care how much it's worth, as it likely won't ever end up in the secondary market (if it does, it'll be to friends or family, and if it's to the latter, I won't charge them).

It cost ~$1300 initially, and that's a very, very rough estimate, but I built it in steps and got some smaller things later, so I'm not sure exactly. This includes the monitor, which was ~$150 second hand, the keyboard and mouse (~$50-$60 together). There were also some case fans, an extra HDD module, mouse pads, etc. This does not include the speakers (~$100), which were gotten a few months back. It would be a bit less, as that accounts for two video cards. I also have 2x 640GB drives on the way (~$140) which you can now add to that. Let's say, after everything, minus the second video card since it didn't count towards the current build, that it was ~$1500 (give or take some) after all.

The only thing that seems to have gone up in cost since I got it was the case. The Stacker 830 went way up since the cost of aluminum went up.

I built mine part by part, but it only took about two months. I started early December, and by the end of January (I was waiting on the E8400 to launch), it was finished. I wouldn't recommend doing it by part if it'll take much longer, as prices and new hardware coming out may mess that up.

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mine was around 1000 without the 24 inch monitor.

funny now if i bought it i could probably get it for like 700-800

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22" Samsung T220.......$360
P182 SE ....$250
P182 Side Window By Performance PC's..... $105 (including Express class shipping)
Thermaltake ToughPower 650w Power Supply...... $168
4 Gbs Corsair Dominator 1066 Ram...........$345
Intel E8400 Cpu.........$220
XFX 8800GT Alpha dog.....$250
Western Digital Raptor 74gb Hdd......$130
Seagate WD500 500gb Hdd...........$120
Custom Water cooling Setup.....$615
Asus P5Q-E Motherboard...........$170
xbox 360 Controller......$35
Dell Keyboard............$5
Logitech Mouse........$12

$2792. Pretty low price ehh :p Considering the performance :evil:

But my next rig is going to be core i7, so imma drop probably $4,000 or more

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Easily over 10,000 USD if counted back when i first have my Pentium II/III til now.

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My AMD 5000 2.6 GHZ PC $62.99 now
Motherboard obsolete, one for this CPU $50.00 now
2GB Memory ~$25.00
LG 22X DVD Drive ~$30
SB Live no longer made, cheap SB $25?
Win XP $99
GeForce 8600 $65
Modem was free from Verizon with 1 yr contract
500 Gyg Hard Drive $60.00

Total $416.99

I'm sure some Techheads here could beat that price.

I'm also sure many folks wouldn't buy the CPU/Motherboard now, but I'm happy with it!

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That's already twice the price tag of my old Q9450 rig, Phil. :p Anyway... my new rig... you don't wanna know the cost. lol

Hint: when I suddenly pay over $1000 for a computer, it's something worth a research paper. ;p
Jumping on the i7 bandwagon as well eih? So what're gonna be the specs?

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CPU - 168$
RAM - 109$
MB - 165$
VGA - 239$
SoundCard - 89$
Monitor - 226$
Case - 107$
PSU - 96$
CPU Cooler - 70$
Speakers - 120 $
Mice - 17$
KBD - 18$
Gamepads & Steering Wheel - 100$
Webcam - 33$

and add 20% VAT (yes in my country VAT is sky-high)
Total - 1868 $
And the prices are for me , if normal customer buys this from me , put another 15-25%

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700$ + 500$ montor

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Hmm around $2500...without the monitor I already had....with it, or rather with a new 22inch that's around $2750, that includes my new keyboard and mouse as well as my UPS though.
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