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Just curious

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I was wondering if there were any advantages to running an ISO in a virtual drive, as opposed to just selecting "run ISO," and choosing the ISO. I have tried both, and they both seem to work fine. I think I saw it recommended on here once to run it in a virtual drive, so I usually just use alcohol 120%. Just wondering though, figured maybe some other people might be curious too!! Thanks
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I think the best way is running an ISO by using Mooby's CDR plugin, especially when it has audiotracks inside.
The audio soundtracks is the clue, if music doesn't sound with the "run ISO" mount that ISO in a virtual drive and use the "run CD" option.
there's nothing wrong with the Run ISO command, i use that for everything, its quite simple and it doesnt require you changing the CD plugin (saves a quick 2 seconds there :p )...but it there is CDDA audio, use Mooby's. also, Mooby's allows you to run compressed ISOs...
hushypushy said:
(...)saves a quick 2 seconds there....
Wow, you're very quick hushy, I need about twice as much time to do it :)
all you do is config ---> CDrom, click the name of the plugin and scroll down then press ok! :p
how do you create compressed ISO's. Does that mean an ISO within a RAR file?
the plugin creates compressed files, go into the plugin configuration and its right there ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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