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today i tried to capture some fighting from soul calibur with fraps. (video capture not screenshot)
i noticed that you can choose between several video framerates in the fraps config...well to my surprise the game then actually ran max at the selected framerate during video capture. (unfortunately you can only select 'till 30 fps max so soul calibur was half speed slomo ;) )
now i wonder if a program that works similar actually can limit the fps of chankast (or direct 3d / openGL generally) to there any program out there that could do that? (limiting my monitor refresh rate to 60 isn't an option for me btw...too much flickering). would be kinda handy while we wait for a future chankast release with integrated fps limiter. i did some google research but i couldn't find any fps limit tools or something like that.
any opinions/hints?

well i guess it isn't possible (but why does it kinda "work" with fraps then mmmh oO ) but i thought i might post it anyway just to make sure... (would be very handy for resident evil CV :D )
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