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Just a small problem...

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I know it's not a problem which has to be here. But I don't know where else I to go.
The Prob is: Everytime I use OpenGL (and that's very often cos Pete's OGL is the only Plugin really working for me) my Monitor switches to 60 Hz. That's pretty annoying and hurts my eyes. I know that is because I'm using Win2k. I heard about fix for that for NVidia cards. But I have a Rag128. Is anybody knowing such a fix?
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Just a guess... your desktop resolution and color depth must be different from the resolution and color depth settings in the OpenGL plugin right?

If that's the case, try this. Change your desktop settings to match the OpenGL settings. Then bump up the refresh rate. Apply the settings. Then revert back to your regular desktop settings. Then run ePSXe. I have a GeForce2MX, and this is what I have to do everytime I install a new driver.
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