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i have a psx controller with dual analog control sticks hooked up with a gamemon universal usb converter ( converts ps2 / psx / gc / xbox controllers to usb ) it works fine with other things , and shows up and works on the pcsx , but it wouldn't recognize the analog sticks at all .

[edit] --update--
it seems to randomize what the axis value is , on the left vert will some times be 0 or 1 , horizontal is almost always 1 but once appeared as 5
and the right always appears as 5 , on both >.< whats it supposed to be as

and the r1 now sometimes sends square , l1 triangle and r2 doesn't work at all it seems . but when i checked all of them were still set up how they were supposed to be

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short answer.

Your control is either uncalibrated, or has really poor deadzones.
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