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For those of us who like to get our game on with our mobile/cell phones, JMEBoy, the java based Gameboy colour emulator for PC and mobile phones supporting J2ME with MIDP 2.0 has seen a new release.

From the sourceforge page:

The binaries of the final releases for JMEBoy 1.5 have been added for download. These releases are built from the code of HG revision 407. The releases contain a redesign of the menu UI, updates to the French translation and some performance improvements for the emulation. Please take a look at the release notes for more information on the changes. Choose the emulator download according to the desired target platform: - JMEBoy runs on Java-enabled (MIDP 2.0) mobile devices. - JSwingBoy runs on PCs with a JDK/JRE5 or later installed.
From the release notes:

Changes history:
1.5 (based on HG rev. 407)
- menu redesign
- updates to the French translation, provided by Philippe Infarnet ([email protected])
- performance optimizations
source: Java GB | Get Java GB at

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Changes history:
1.5 (based on HG rev. 407)
- menu redesign
- updates to the French translation, provided by Philippe Infarnet ([email protected])
- performance optimizations

1.4 (based on HG rev. 389)
- implemented emulator state transfer via Bluetooth (feature request ID 2806350)
- fixed the problem that saved games could not be loaded if the scaling was changed (bug ID 2840185)

1.3.4 (based on HG rev. 371)
- updated link to the online help page

1.3.3 (based on SVN rev. 311)
- enable saving and loading the emulator state (feature request ID 2804463)
- synchronize RTC with the device's clock instead of the emulated Gameboy CPU's cycles (bug ID 2802537)

1.3.2 (based on rev. 295)
- updates for the Chinese Simplified translation
- fixed RTC time bug that messed up the time in Pokemon games (bug ID 2789282)

1.3.1 (based on rev. 289)
- removed sample rate setting
- solved the problem that in Pokemon Gold/Crystal/Silver there were graphics bugs when displaying the PokeCom/PokeDex (bug IDs 2506984 and 2373340)
- some corrections to MBC5 cartridge handling
- implemented allowing users to cancel the Assign Keys dialog or to skip keys (feature request 2791256)
- refer to the project page in the About dialog

1.3 (based on rev. 267)
- added MIDI-based sound implementation that should make sound work on most modern mobile devices
- show a progress bar when loading a game

1.2.8 (based on SVN rev. 258)
- added Swedish translation provided by Kim Albertsson <[email protected]>
- small fixes to the sound emulation
- fixed the problem that the program might not start on phones not supporting the Sensors API (bug ID 2660295)

1.2.7 (based on SVN rev. 244)
- added Chinese Simplified translation provided by Hxcan Cai <[email protected]> and Bruce <[email protected]>
- some translation updates for other languages

1.2.6 (based on SVN rev. 229)
- improved joypad emulation
- activate device backlight (via the Nokia API) when the accelerometer values change
- usage of an accelerometer instead of an orientation sensor (includes feature request ID 2366298)

1.2.5 (based on SVN rev. 209)
- fix the RTC time bug (bug ID 2498181)
- added option to enable/disable the on-screen buttons and the on-screen d-pad
- on-screen buttons now have a 'pressed' state (feature request 2535131)

1.2.4 (based on SVN rev. 197)
- added on-screen direction buttons
- some performance optimizations for the video chip

1.2.3 (based on SVN rev. 182)
- added Spanish translation provided by Pedro Juan Espinosa Menchen <[email protected]>
- implementation of switchable UI languages (feature request ID 2139693)

1.2.2 (based on SVN rev. 177)
- added Brazilian Portuguese translation provided by Carlos Eduardo Duarte Vasques ([email protected])
- improved scaling performance for the popular QVGA displays
- enable keyboard usage for keyboards where no keyReleased events is fired

1.2.1 (based on SVN rev. 160)
- added Russian translation provided by murrenna ([email protected])
- fixed problem that only one joypad direction key or button could be pressed at a time in the JME version (bug ID 2055671)
- also display a localized help page for the JME version (bug ID 2056248)
- increased the sensitivity for joypad movement when dragging the pointer
- allow free assignment of joypad buttons (feature request ID 2041313)
- added a simple file browser to select the file search start directory (feature request ID 2043862)

1.2 (based on SVN rev. 142)
- added localization support
- added support for the device's orientation sensor, should the device have one (feature request ID 2025619)
- solved the problem that the VoluntaryWaveChannel would throw an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException after long usage (bug ID 2024611)
- fixed the problem that HDMA did not work when the LCD was disabled (bug ID 2024603)
- fixed that problem that running a game that uses the GBC's double speed mode caused the next game to run slowly (bug ID 2024375)
- fixed the problem that LCDC bit 0 is not considered in GBC mode (bug ID 2024372)
- fixed the bug that sometimes wrong tiles got painted (bug ID 2019632)

1.1.1 (based on SVN rev. 122)
- fixed the bug that GBC WRAM pages were not switched correctly (bug ID 2018004)
- fixed the RTC clock support (bug ID 1994392)
- solved the problem that some noise might be heard when starting a second game in the Swing version and that game has no sound while the first one has (bug ID 2012217)
- fixed the bug that the screen stayed blank for the game Thunderbirds (bug ID 2008897)
- fixed the problem that the buttons might not be released when the canvas loses the focus (bug ID 2008302)
- implemented support for using the pointing device for simulating joypad movement (feature request ID 2007590)
- fixed problem that Sprites using 2nd VRAM bank were not painted correctly (bug ID 2005346)
- implemented the missing sprite priorities for CGB mode (bug ID 2000965)
- fixed incorrect repaints (bug ID 1999446)
- have all lines repainted after a resume

1.1 (based on SVN rev. 87)
- enable suspend and resume for the emulator (feature request ID 1972555)
- fixed a lot of bugs, improving compatibility with existing Gameboy ROMs
- avoid hangups when a user denies access to a Gameboy ROM file (bug ID 1991536)
- fixed the problem that some phones tried twice to load a game (bug ID 1986194)
- fixed the problems that existed on some phones with the image buttons (bug ID 1984843)
- added a screen scaling setting
- fixes screen size being calculated incorrectly on the Sony Ericsson G900 (bug ID 1984841)

1.0.7 (based on SVN rev. 63)
- significantly reduced the memory requirements of the emulator
- work-around issue that sound sample rate of 44100 KHz does not work by not offering this sample rate in the settings (bug ID 1968003)
- add 16 CPU cycles after waking up from a HALT command
implemented LCD bug (bug ID 1968049)
- added help page (bug ID 1966825)
- avoid calls of getGraphics on screen updates for better performance (bug ID 1964618)
- fixed bug that reading TIMA register prior to initialization of the timer leads to exception (bug ID 1964304)
- some fixes to the Joypad IRQ handling

1.0.6 (based on SVN rev. 39)
- first release
JavaGB is a project for Java-based emulators for the the popular Game Boy handheld game console. Currently the following variants of the emulator exist:

  • JMEBoy: the emulator version for J2ME (MIDP 2.0), i.e. Java-enabled mobile devices, such as mobile phones or PDAs.
  • JSwingBoy: an emulator version using J2SE, i.e. the Java version for desktop PCs. It uses the Java Swing classes for displaying the user interface. When looking for a PC version of the emulator, then this is the way to go.
  • MobileBoy: the emulator version for Android-based mobile devices.
    Link: Download MobileBoy
Some more detail info :)

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Thanks for the news Snicko. Seeing how the main page was dead I'm taking on the role of putting this stuff on the main page, which was kinda forgotten recently :)
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