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Jetsgo Goes Under (passengers = p4wn3d)

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One of the discount Canadian airlines, Jetsgo, has declared bankruptcy and has suspended all flights:

To any of our Canadian board members: anybody booked Jetsgo recently? Basically, anybody who has booked a Jetsgo flight is screwed.

On the plus side, if you have Air Canada or Westjet stocks, you're more wealthy than you were yesterday!
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Yeah, I read about that in today's newspapers. Pretty suprising huh? luckily, I never bought a ticket from them nor do I travel alot these days.

I'm surprised that Jetsgo shut down. They were advertising heavily on TV and the radio.

Jetsgo seems to have the upper hand against Air Canada which had to declare bankruptcy many months ago.
It happens. Most European airline companies are staying in business just because our governments are heavily subsiding them.

It's the workers I feel sorry for mainly. The entire industry is going through a massive recession. It's going to be hard for some of them to get employed again.
I won't be surprise if there a class action lawsuit against the Jetsgo execs and CEOs in the future.
This is one thing I do not like about this type of business. You can file for bankruptcy and screw the consumers big time. No real accountability, and of course our government just sits backs and says "tough cookies" and still gouge us for the taxes. Well, humans are always corrupt so I do not expect much out of this situation except a lot of angry consumers and a lot of bickering.
p4wn3d? The passengers were pawned? To whom? Stock holders? For money? The oppu-rrr.. undecency! With Jetsgo gone bankrupt, there's no way of getting them back legally, is there? Surely there were some cute chicks among the passengers to be? Damn.. I missed out.. :(
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