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Jerky/Choppy gameplay (FF9)

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I have a problem with ePSXe running games. Specifically, FF9 (NTSC). This is most evident in the worldmap. When I'm running/flying around the worldmap, the game kinda jerks(chops wateva) during about 5 to 8 second intervals. This is really irritating.

I'm using:
AMD TBird 850 Mhz
Geforce 2 GTS
128 MB RAM

ePSXe settings:
Pete's opengl plug-in 1.48
ePSXe's internal SPU
ePSXe's internal ASPI thinggy

Could it be the Cdrom's problem? There's another problem. When i use my AOPEN 52x Cd-rom drive, the FMVs play REALLLL slow. Thus, i switched to using my cd-writer for psx games. Unfortunately, the gameplay's kinda jerky.
Help pls?!
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I have an AOPEN dvd drive and don't have this problem. even so... I still
play games off my hard disk.... its just much nicer that way :)

if you can't fix it..iso the cd on-to your hard disk. if its still jerky... maybe you have
a faulty NVidia card... They maybe the best cards are the market but
they have a high fault rate. i replaced my Ge-Force 2 GTS twice...
both times it was faulty... so because of my troulbes they replaced it with
a ge-froce 2 ultra and all the lock-up probs... slow down etc.. just
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