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I use ePSXe with Lewpy's 3dfx (other plugins do not matter)

But it has an annoying display bug, regardless of display plugin: whenever you pickup something, there's a flashing score, and it causes a lot of green lines on the screen.
Also the life and force levels do not show below the Jedis and droids.

VGS runs it perfectly, but remember it has no dual shock. Also it's kinda ugly compared to others.

Bleem! is slower than epsxe, similarly configured. no annoying bugs, but some display features missing, e.g. the reflection on the floor do not show. Also the backgrounds are shaking quite badly (perspective correction?), epsxe has similar but less severe effects. so overall bleem is not as good looking as epsxe.

as I said I'd rather live with the bugs in epsxe. hope they fixed it in 1.4.0.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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