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beta date: 12.07.05 (actually any beta)
conditions tested under:
release 0.8.1 plugins

Game fails on GS_CSR
PDDI: ps2Display::ReallySwapBuffers(): sanity check failed waiting for GS FINISH signal.
lui	v1, $1200		# 0034a818:3c031200
ori	v1, v1, $1000		# 0034a81c:34631000	v1=GS_CSR
ld	v0, $0000(v1)		# 0034a820:dc620000	v0=GS_CSR
andi	v0, v0, $c000		# 0034a824:3042c000
nop				# 0034a828:00000000
nop				# 0034a82c:00000000
nop				# 0034a830:00000000
bne	v0, a0, $0034a820	# 0034a834:1444fffa

lui	s2, $0098		# 003384b8:3c120098	s2=$00980000
lui	s1, $1200		# 003384bc:3c111200	s1=GS_PMODE
ori	s2, s2, $9680		# 003384c0:36529680	s2=$00989680
lui	s4, $0053		# 003384c4:3c140053	s4=$00530000
ori	s1, s1, $1000		# 003384c8:36311000	s1=GS_CSR
daddu	v0, s3, zero		# 003384cc:0260102d
addiu	a0, s4, $c9b8		# 003384d0:2684c9b8	a0="PDDI: ps2Display::ReallySwapBuffers(): sanity check failed waiting for GS FINISH signal.\n"
sltu	v0, s2, v0		# 003384d4:0242102b
beq	v0, zero, $003384e8	# 003384d8:10400003
addiu	s3, s3, $0001		# 003384dc:26730001	s3=$00000001
jal	$0025cf50		# 003384e0:0c0973d4
daddu	s3, zero, zero		# 003384e4:0000982d
ld	v0, $0000(s1)		# 003384e8:de220000	v0=GS_CSR
andi	v0, v0, $0002		# 003384ec:30420002
beq	v0, zero, $003384d0	# 003384f0:1040fff7
After patching that it continues only showing some pixel junk with GSsoft's "show full VRAM".
Then it crashes on initializing custom sound driver "RADSOUND"
Disabling that let it load further then it finally fails with some cputlbmiss :dead:

Patches used:
gametitle=James Cameron's Dark Angel [SLES51333] (E)
comment= patches by Nachbrenner
//GS_CSR fix
//Skip FMV
// disable sound

Status Nothing
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