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Macgyver VS. James Bond

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James Bond Vs. Macgyver

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Alrgiht guys me and my room mate have been arguing for a while about who would win in a fight between James Bond and Macgyver

Please help us settle this argument once and for all
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Link should be decapitated and given a normal head ;)
Spawn the guy from hell with superiour demonic **** and chains and all kinds of nifty evil tricks vs. a kiddo with so many stuff in a so tiny backpack?LOL...

Anyway,bond would run away from austin like hell,austin has a huge "I like men" thing written all over him,sure,he pretends he likes females so much,but in fact he's trying to cover up the fact that he loves men...........or so I think :p
And now you just gave me a reason to be freaked out by A. Powers... :eek:nthepull ;)
I don't think there is any simple answer. See, both of them are impervious to bullets anyways, but since MacGuyver can create ingenius devices that are fatal and are not guns, I think he wins. Even though his show sucked more than the Bond movies.
Hey you guys speaking against Austin Powers? Today I watched "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" with my GF, and I concluded that he can defeat Link just like he defeated Mini-Me and take down James Bond with a little more effort.

Yeah baby, yeah!! :evil:
Kaiser Sigma said:
Link should be decapitated and given a normal head ;)
Your desire is my command
Oooohhhh... he finally reached puberty :evil:
It depends on the situation that both Bond(007) and Macgyver are in. these are a few scenario that I thought of... this is all done with their standard equipment like Bond's gun and Macgyver's swiss army knife, duct tape, and paperclips, along with what they find on the way. They can't have outside help like Q, or Pete Thornton, this includes their equipment. 1: Chase scene: Junk Yard - Macgyver is being chased by Bond. Mac evades Bond for enough time to build a trap of who knows what and escapes. - Bond turns around and starts shooting at Macgyver thinking he is armed. Mac dives for cover and stealthy moves around Bond and builds trap to catch him. Winner = Macgyver 2: Long Range fight: Open Field / Open Street - Bond rises his gun and shoots Mac Winner = Bond 3: Hand-to-Hand combat: Arena - Since Mac doesn't use guns, his main way of fighting is through trickery and hand-to-hand combat. Bond is good with h-t-h, but doesn't quite match up to Mac. Winner = Macgyver this is all my own opinion.
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41 - 48 of 48 Posts