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Macgyver VS. James Bond

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James Bond Vs. Macgyver

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Alrgiht guys me and my room mate have been arguing for a while about who would win in a fight between James Bond and Macgyver

Please help us settle this argument once and for all
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yeah but he left out the part of using baking soda to make a flash bomb, not to mention the makeshift rubber eraser + chickenwire stungun
Pssht! No contest! Bond all the way!

You know where 007 comes from right? Thats how many women he has slept with... (It just rolled over from 999).
Bond... James Bond
No, no, nope! McGyver wins because he'll take a toothpick and a match box and make a bulletproof vest out of them, and after that he'll take another toothpick and a lighter and combine them into a flamethrower! that is how it will go!
yes, but Bond has already died and been ressurected once (You only Live Twice), I'm sure he can do it again. Add to this that the immortal Sean Connery plays him.....
Bond...James bond
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I really think Bond would win. Macgyver does cool tricks with little resources, but Bond carries all that "madebyQ" hypertech stuff to counter and surpass that. And even granting that in this situation, a draw would be the result, then Bond still has his 9mm Walther PPK ;) .

P.S.: He did change his gun in the latest movies, right? Anyone knows wich one he picked?
The Walther P99
Domo arigato :) . Then it's the same as my friend has. Cool gun, BTW.
McGuyver's pretty resourceful. I'm sure he could figure out Bond's weaknesses and exploit them. Besides, I've seen him run away while being shot at before, and he always makes it out ok doesn't he?! ;)

This might be a good character matchup for the magazine Wizard. I haven't read it in a long time, but they always had a character matchup in every issue where they describe how two comic book characters would duke it out, and how it would all end.
Kane-Sama said:
Bond would win hands down: He's British ;)
You know Kane, I've just remembered that he
is british too :evil:

And I think he would win McGyver :p
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You guys are letting the sex-appeal win over the brain... ;)

Mac would win, even if Bond had a gun, rocket launcher, scud missile, he would be able to deflect all of that stuff with a bobby pin and use the pressure of the atmosphere to combined the right amount of CO2 and CH4 to produce a sleeping gas that would paralyze anyone within a five mile radius, except for him because he used that same bobby pin and a gum wrapper to make a gas mask.
Bond would definitely win. Why? Because Macgyver has a nasty mullet.
And who would win: Bond or Austin Powers? :lol:
That's a difficult one, but I think Bond wou;ld win because Austin would be too busy oogling.
Mr.Smith said:
Bond would definitely win. Why? Because Macgyver has a nasty mullet. shot. :p
Bond hands down... A. Power is kind of... wth :p
But truthfully they're both film heroes that can't lose(they never lose) so it woud be a draw....
Link pwns both with one hand while smashes Spawn with the other :D .

Austin should be sent to the freezing chamber again and never freed. The only thing he can do is swing his hips and shout "yeah baby, yeah!", c'mon!
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