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Jade Cocoon health/mana/exp bar issue

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I'm using epsxe 1.7, but no matter what gpu plugin or settings I try, this issue won't go away...

The health, mana, and EXP bars in the game all extend past the area they're supposed to, to be about twice as long. So when you're health's at 50%, the bar looks about full.

I search the forums for this, and there was a thread from years ago but the question was never answered and no one ever followed up on it.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Thanks.

ps. I noticed when I close epsxe in some places during the game, the window closes but the sound keeps going and I need to terminate the process. Is that a Jade Cocoon issue or a general issue?
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Ah, I thought using X was the same as Esc.

I'm on Windows Vista Home, 64-bit. I have an Intel Core i7 CPU @ 2.6GHz, and 3GB RAM. I have an ATI Radeon HD 4800 series card.

For the record, I had this issue on my old PC, a Windows XP 32-bit, as well.
Don't mean to double post but, I want to bump this...
Here ya go.

Edit 1: If High-Res Textures is set to 2xSaI, the bars are almost the correct length, about 95% as long as they should be, but only with 2xSaI, which I'd rather not have on.

Edit 2: If 2xSaI is on and any texture filtering is enabled, the bar is about 40% the correct length.

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Nope, same issue, with added frameskip issues that aren't present with the other plugins I've tried.
I see. Should I take this to the plugin developers then?
Hm, just tried pSX and got the exact same error. Must be something unique to this game the developers haven't encountered yet.

pSX also has an audio bug with this game so I guess I'll stick to ePSXe...

I feel stupid complaining about this, since the game itself plays fine start to finish, I'm just surprised this little bug exists is all.
Yes. I tried all of the ones I could.
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