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Beta Date: 03.05.05
Conditions Tested Under:

BIOS PAL v1.50
GSDX9 SSE2 misc. versions
GSDX9 06.01.05
GSsoft 16.04.05
spu2peops 25.12.04
cdvdpeops 20.04.05

patches used:
gametitle=Jade Cocoon 2 PAL
//Skip Videos

Playable with GSSoft :D

With any GSDX9 SSE2 built and any PCSX2 version computer makes a hard reset when starting 3D :mad:

With GSDX9 normal built it shows one perfect 3D picture, then Windows falls back to safe mode and reports that "ati2dvag" is not executed properly :eyemove:

Can someone re-check this game with NVIDIA card?

Status ???
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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