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Like I said, I've been playing on epsxe for a few months now, so I think I've got AdriPSX configured correctly. It only gives me a blank screen though.:( I've tried PSX CDs, and ISO. I downloaded the installer with all the plugs, so I've tried Barrett&Kazzuya, Tratax, and some other aspi drivers to no avail. And I configured everything else the same as epsxe. Oh and I noticed that some games only work without that static thingy enabled, but that didn't help either.
Oh well, here are my specs:
Celeron 600 @ 900mhz
TNT2 ultra

Games I tried on CD: bushido blade2, Tenchu2, Gran Turismo 2
and I tried Syphon Filter 2 on ISO

If I need to give any more info just reply & ask. I would love to get another great emu running.

I deleted the registry settings, reinstalled, set it up just like ePSXe, and it works fine for me. I don't know what I am doing that is different. I'll play some more Darkstone on it and post some screen shots. If I knew how you guys were trying to set it up maybe I could help.:confused:

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Got it working for me too.

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Same here: Black Screen'o'Death
Downloaded new version as exe and installed...never had a previous version, so no conflicts possible.

Using proper 1001 Bios and original GT2 CD and ISO (created internally)

I can Bios boot no problem, sound & video working....

Tried many,many CD plugins.. (using a Ricoh IDE CDRW 7083a which reads/writes RAW btw), but CDRom never spins up or gets accessed...waited well beyong the 30-60secs..

Created a RAW DAO+sub using CloneCD and mounted with Daemon Tools 2.60 as luck either..mounted and accessible..just no luck booting up..

Celly 450a
Diamond MX300 PCI A3D sound
224 megs'o'ram
Ricoh IDE CDRW 7083a

Hope we can solve this.....
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