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Its jut not working...Black Screen of death

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high everyone, im a huge noob at all of this Emulation stuff, so im going to try my best to explain my problem without pissing you guys off lol >,>

First off, i dled "Pcsx2 0.9.6" and i set up my Plugins/bios according to multiple tutorials i have found online.

After everything was fine and dandy, i loaded up FFX-2 (via iso, i used DVD decryptor to rip my game disc) And heres the problem..

Black screen of death. I literally see nothing, but i can hear everything just fine, theres no flickering to sound--and it seems to be running really smoothly. I can also control the game using my Ps2 controller..

Also, if i just try to execute the pcsx2, i also get a black screen of death. Any help?
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Is my question invalid or something? I mean, if you guys need more information i could post it .. :\
Is my question invalid or something?
People who don't post enough info generally don't get helped... at least not in any reasonable amount of time.

I think listing your system specs would help. A lot.

Also the plugins and their respective versions.

Maybe also post a screenshot of your video plugin's graphics config or at least list all of the settings that you are using.
Alright, sorry about that :\
Ill post my stuff then.. Sorry for being such a noob..

System Specs (I may have posted them wrong D: )

Windows Vista Home Premium
Service Pack 1

System: Dell
Inspiron 530
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo CPu [email protected] 2.80 Ghz
Memory (ram): 4.00 GB
System: 64 bit operating system

And then heres my configs


And this comes from the black box..thingy (-_-)

I hope all of this helps me D: lol
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According to the specs of the Inspiron 530, you have an nVidia 8300GS. You should be able to set GSDX to run in DX10 mode.

You can also try software DX9/DX10 mode to see if the problem lies with your plugin settings or the game image itself.

As a side note, I assume you upgraded the CPU? The original specs list a much slower CPU.
No, i have not updated at all. Plus, everytime i set it to GSDX, the program just crashes :\
The "black box" is PCSX2's realtime log file.

In it, you can see "error x4502: invalid ps_2_0 input semantic 'vpos'. You shouldn't be getting this error if you have an nVidia 8300GS. Maybe you have a graphics driver problem?

Try holding the Windows key (looks like the Microsoft logo) and press R. In the dialog box, type in 'dxdiag' (without quotes). Click the display tab and post a screenshot of what it says.
Here you go

Something else came up with it, so i posted that as well.
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Are you using the 64bit version of Vista Home Premium?

If so, go here and download the updated drivers for your chipset.

The Intel G31/G33 chipset isn't a good choice for emulation and gaming in general. It also explains why DX10 mode doesn't work.
I am indeed using 64-bit, i dled the file you told me to/installed it. And when i switched to the DirectX10 thing (Gd..?) and try it out, i still just get the "Pcsx2 has stopped running" :\
Er, no. I didn't want you to start using DX10 mode. Your chipset can only handle up to DX9. Do you get video in DX9 mode now?
Ah yes, i finnaly get video!
But now i have a new question.. how come during the cutscenes (and i googled apparently their called "Fmv's") there are black lines everywhere + it lags like hell. How can i get rid of this?
I've seems that FFX-2's FMVs are very resource demanding for some reason and run relatively poorly even on more powerful hardware.

Not sure about the black lines.
yes as masta g said it is very demanding I got a [email protected] 3.6 and still have some slowdowns have you tried enabling some speed hacks??
you will get slow downs on any game in cutsences/fmv's its just how it was made
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