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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, it's a running sheep.

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See Sheep Run

Apparently, my reflexes are as a good as a "Bobbing Bobcat".

EDIT: "Now, a Rocketing Rabbit!"
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Lol. Good one from the BBC.

I feel like I got my money's worth knowing my TV License fee goes towards stuff like this.
Rocketing Rabbit here... on the third try :p
Ambling armadillo..

Envy my skills nooob.... :guitar:
I got bobbing bobcat... that was oddly entertaining, reminds me of before I hated
heh Bobbing Bobcat here too.. my best time was 0.183. Only played it once though.
Rocketing Rabbit on first try.. going for higher. :D
I have no idea how I got the time in #4 but I thought it was pretty odd. The best I've gotten so far is Bobbing Bobcat.

Edit: I've hit Rocketing Rabbit :D. My reactions aren't as quick as cooliscool's though :p.
Rocketing rabbit on a first try. I liked the last sentence in the result window though ( "No sheep were harmed in the making of this game") :D

Rocketing Rabbit. Too lazy to go for another, i'm tired from work :p
Sluggish snail first time. It wasn't obvious I needed to click on the dart, so I kept trying to click the sheep. Doh.
Got rocketing rabbit on the 2nd try...
I tested my psychic skillz :p Got 2 out of 5 ^^
rocketing rabbit was too easy...
Yesterday before going to bed i got a Sluggish Snail (damn that sheep that raises and lower the head :laugh: ), and 2-3 bobbing bobcat. Today just after getting up, Rocketing Rabbit at the first try oO . I think i'll play some UT2K4 and then try again :p
the secret to getting sluggish snail is keep clicking on tranquilizer....ur bound to get penalized to the point that u get that rating.
ambling armadillo on my first try since I don't know what to do exactly... after a few tries I got to be a rocketing rabbit rocketing rabbit...
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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