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****! It wont work :(

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Well, My problem is this: When i am configured PCSX2 and i try to run it... It not work, i only get error...swicht is telling me to that, Windows has maked unexepected error or something, it not never comes with other programs

Windows XP Home SP 2
Intel Celeron 2,0 GHz
Club3d ATI Radeon 9600 XT
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Did you read the faq? It is availiable in , just scroll down, search for your language around there in the news and read that faq (for english, the link is ) , most of the times that will solve your problem!
Not maked anything new... Not working...........
is everything with your system ok? could you make a screen with that error?
if youve used a previous version of pcsx2 in the same location, try making a new folder for 0.7
KanedA: If you understand Finnish? :)......... Refraction: No, this is an new install, never tested before..

But here is what error i get: "PCSX2.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close."
Windows is full of bugs so some time it messes up apps even when there is nothing wrong with that app. So the only thing i could suggest is : Format and re-install Windows. But remmeber only do it when everything else failed :D
Doubtful its windows, PCSX2 has even more bugs ;)
But hmm? Can it be form my Bios? Its an SCPH10000
Hum, in the faq it says that that BIOS is no longer supported, that may be the problem...
Mykas0 said:
Hum, in the faq it says that that BIOS is no longer supported, that may be the problem...
nah wont be that, works still on that bios.

i cant remember which is at fault, but try a different graphics plugin and different cdvd plugin, cdvdbin should work and use GSDx9, see if that works.
i installed Windows for new, and now its works.. :) But, my FPS in bios is:5-7... :(
And then, how to run games?
Read the faq the rules and the config guide...dont make me say that again
Dimplexion said:
If you understand Finnish? :)
you could always translate it to us :p, anywy it's good everything's ok now :)
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