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First i am from Brasil and my english is not very sharp, thks

The first issue is not something gonna made a big difference, but it still a issue :evil:

In rev1813 any programmer mistype the name of DSP plugin


Now for the sound problems.

The first one happening in rev1809 and above (dont know if happen in any rev 18xx below) sometimes when i open a game the sound simply dont work, i have to close game and open again to have sound, not a big problem anyway.

The second one happen in SSBM, this game run pretty smooth, good FPS, but the sound after few minutes simply dissapear and only come back after a change of screen, i dont know if happen in revs 1000 or below because before this i never tried any dolphin rev, but after rev 1000 or above this already happening.

Thanks and keep the good work dolphin team :thumb:
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