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ISS2 speed probs

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ISS 2 runs great on my computer (sometimes even to fast), but for some reason when the ingame comments start the games freezes for about half a second.
Like -freeeze- "Is going to shoot", than I shoot, -freeeeze-"he kicks" , -freeeeze-"and its a goal!"

When I turn off the comments, this doesn't happen.

I have a PIII - 550 Mhz, TNT2 32 Mb ram, 128 Mb ram, WinMe, DX8,

and I'm using ePSXe 1.4, with Pete's Dx gpu plugin, Ioris SPU plugin and Pete's CDR plugin. All the latest versions.

Why does this happen?? Can somebody help me??:confused:
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Burn the game on on your hard drive to ISO. It's probably the XA audio being loaded off the CD frequectly.
yeah, cairey is definitely and absolutely right!! :D

I guess it's because of the reading of CD-ROM and when you're turning off the comments, it doesn't read so often...

burn an ISO using Clone CD or other stuff
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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