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Iss Pro Evolition 2 for epsxe ??????

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Can anyone tell me if this works ?????
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Isn't 36fps a bit fast ???

I prefer 31 - I think 30 is more accurate though.

PS. I got it working. Thanks to everyone who replied.
I use 32 fps for ISS pro 2. I think it's supposed to run at 30 though. I don't use frameskip though as my machines fast enough to run it around 90fps without skipping frames.

I'm using Lewpy's plug in. With Pete's the speed seems a bit erratic although older versions of his plug-ins worked fine.

I'll try the formation thing later.
I think you're right about the framerate. I now play at 35fps.

Oh and it crashed on my system when trying to save formations to the memory card.

1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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