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Glad you solved it although it was very time consuming.
I once had a problem with my cable connection since it started downloading at modem speed. I called to tech support and since the beggining i made sure they understood it was not my pc nor my problem but their servers. They still tried to use their "knowledge base" and i answered to all their question saying i had already tried that.
Anyway, at the end of the call they agreed they would send somebody else to my home so they could check the cable going from the central to my home and i was like WTF oO
Needless to say, after 3 days they sent a clown who was trying to figure out what was bad with my pc oO I was so pissed that i made a joke of him whenever he suggested something and when he finally admitted i knew more than him he called and asked for "more power to my line", whatever that means. After half a day my internet was ok.
I was still pissed so i called and i asked to talk with the same girl who said to me they wouldn't send a clown to check my pc since it was fine and after a little report everything has been fine :)
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