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How can I make a ISO from a CD, to play direct with epsxe?
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You need either a utility like Isobuster, or a cd burning program like ez cd creator, fireburner, cdrwin, etc.........
Best program making ISO is the Disc Dump (handles copy-protections)
Better than Clonecd? Too bad EpsxE doesn't support clonecd images......... And Daemon tools trashed my system the one time I used it.......
Clone-CD is good program for making copies of copy-protected cds...
but if want to make image use disc dump... then you can afterwards burn
cd from it with cdr-win... good program but not if you don't have clone-cd...
Originally posted by leparrain
Try Blindread !!!!
Agreed! The Blindread/Blindwrite suite is great!

[]s Badaro
Originally posted by Xenomorph
Best program making ISO is the Disc Dump (handles copy-protections)
if you want a simple and easy solution in only making RAW ISOs, i would reccomend DiscDump. its freeware and has worked for me where some other programs wouldnt..
I've already own Disc Dump 1.10, but after I try create an ISO file, it fails.... The dos command said that my ASPI32 is too old. It's so strange because I use WinMe... Btw, where I could find the newest ASPI32 files???:confused:
winme, 2k, and 98se i think, dont upgrade your aspi layer.. :rolleyes:
get force aspi from psxemu epsxe downloads
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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