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Hello everyone !

i've been playing FFIX on my eeePC lately,everything was ok until i reached Disc 3 when kuja destroyed alexandria using bahamut.
at that point the screen always turn black and the console windows says "Warning : ISO overflow"
is there any solution for this problem?
i already tried to use diffrent plugins (in fact,i already tried ALL CD plugins LOL) with diffrent configurations and still no luck :(
and i tried mount the iso using virtual drive software also,but it still won't work
and yes,i already re-dump the iso around 3-4 times,still not helping. same error always showed up

Any suggestion apreciated :)

Thanks in advance

Note: before you say something about iso and piracy,please note that i dumped the ISO from original FFIX CD,i do so because my eeePC doesn't have any optical drive ;)
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