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I own a lot of Playstation games and i want to be able to play them on the computer so i downloaded this emulator, (i also downloaded epsxe but it wasn't working)... Anyways I have been trying with a billion programs all night to make ISO's of my PSX games. Just recently i made an ISO with Norton of Crash Bandicoot and when i tried to play it in psxeven it said in the debug screen something about not finding a psx executable. It just comes up with a big blank screen.
I really need help her cuz i really want to play the PSX games that I OWN on my computer!
So any help is appreciated.. i may not get to check back here so if you can e-mail me at [email protected] it would be a big help.

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in PSXeven, make sure you click the big button that says RUN CD.

what are your computer's specs? with those we will recommend some plugins to use.
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