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Now, since I lost my 4th CD from FFIX, i ordered a whole new set on Ebay and i am waiting for it :eek:nthepull . and since i am stuck on my 3rd cd, i decided to complete all the cd 3 that are do-able on cd3 :p . Now as i was walking with my chocobo looking for some treasures, i turned around and wanted to go to the chocobos lagune to find more choco-maps and realized that half of the island oi was on, dissapeared oO . That was sort of spastic since that never happened b4 not even on my emulator :cuss2: . the island was just cut in hlf, and i cuold not even walk there where the island should be. did anyone of you have that problem too?
And btw i am looking for a piano sheet of the song "origin of kuja" its the one that starts like the dark messenger but continues differently, like on the first time u see kuja and he flies away with his silver dragon from cleyra. :D
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