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Is Thread of Fate playable in epsxe 1.4.0?

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is playable without major problems?

is there any especial configurations tips?

thanks for any answer!!!:)
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Several Problems with threads of fate.

This game is very playable but exhibits some problems that might only be local to myself. I have advanced past past the begining of the game so I do know that the plugins and epsxe are set up correctly as far as I can tell.

1.) Saveing states crash. I'm able to make a save state in windowed mode, but in fullscreen they lock up computer.
2.)Loading states crashes wether in full screen or windowed mode. Epxse comes out with this error:

EPSXE executed an invalid instruction in
module <unknown> at 0000:0222d367.
EAX=005096c0 CS=0167 EIP=0222d367 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=fffffdf3 SS=016f ESP=00b1fde8 EBP=00b1fe38
ECX=00694200 DS=016f ESI=00750002 FS=2147
EDX=80000000 ES=016f EDI=fffffffe GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
2e ff ff a3 f0 52 8a 00 b8 04 00 00 00 03 46 20
Stack dump:
00426e8d 004023ab 00a10000 00000000 00402dfc 00438d93 00000001 01060d50 01060d10 00000000 81772a44 00a10000 c000001d 00000000 00b1fe0c 00b1fc18

3) When reaching the altiere(about 5-15minutes into the game) and enterring the room the game freezes. If this is a setting in the plugins I have been unable to determine which setting is wrong. Thus I have not been able to advance any farther in the game.

If I can be of any more assistance such as if you think version of Threads of fate, plugin configurations, system specs, or are require save states ect, please feel free to respond to this message or send private message of the board and I would be more then happy to comply with your request. Thank you for such wondererful emulatater and know that I am within your service.

Grey Orange
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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