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Is this True? New SH4?

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Is it true that there is a new SH4 or something similar to that that has the archectiture as the SH4 that has been released? it has a higher speed than the SH4 in the DC. Anyone know?
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About a year ago there has been a chip released which could do everything the DC could I think, something like a DC on a chip, but other than that I do not know.
it was used in set top boxes, Sega were originally planning to let there dc games be downloaded to set top boxes over satellite or broadband, that idea went out the window pretty quick, but i believe Pace did use some sh4's in their set top boxes.
Wahhhh???!!! really? a Chip that a DC could do??? or am i mistaken for wat u said? By the way, check out, are there chips there that would help at all? something that is powerful as a Pentium 4 and does it have the same Archectiture like the original SH4 in the DC?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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