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Always 172.16.xx.x
It doesn't matter the private IP addresses work the same way. - class (A) can hold up to 16.7 minus 2 million nodes (PCs) - class (B) can hold up to
1048576 minus 2 nodes - class (C) can hold up to 65536 minus 2 nodes
(minus 2 nodes each, the first node reserved as a gateway, the last reserved as

since most routers or wireless routers, comes with initial private IP one of
those ranges, you don't have to worry about it really unless you are running
a business or large amount of nodes in the network..

Private IPs are designed to provide security and to make more PCs connected to
the Internet around the globe.. without this arbitrarily over
90% of the population wont be connected to the internet..

Now for your network setup as long as the PC and the laptop under the same
sub-network (within the range of subnet mask) and can ping each other,
you can share files, gaming and even take control of other PCs connected..

What you have to do is letting window (most of the time) do the install
wizard for you and everything should be ok, unless you want to configure
the network manually..
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