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I recently bought a webcam and I now installed it on my own computer.
My computer's specs are:
AMD K6-2 @ 333mHz
288 megs of SDram
32mb Viper V770 TNT2 graphics card
30GB harddisk with lots of free space.
Windows 98se installed

The camera I now have is a Sweex 100k pixels cam @ 25 fps.

Whenever I let the program that came with the webcam play it can't even display the 25fps at a resolution of 352x288
Only when I use a resolution of 160x120 it seems to almost reach the 25fps oO

I tried to use the webcam in MSN messenger v6.2 and let the windows diag program named 'system monitor' run in the background so I could see how much of my resources were used. Whenever I activated the camera the amount raised from the usual 20% CPU usage to 100% instantly, and it looked like it would've gone to 200% if it was possible :???:
And when I ran the webcam in an MSN conversation at the default resolution of 352x288 the response of the things I did had a delay of about 10 seconds oO Only when run at 160x120 it seems that I can still do things on my computer such as having a converation and running one FireFox browser plus the normal things such as a virusscan and whatpulse :p

It's not because of spyware either, but my question is: Is it normal for a computer such as mine not being able to run a webcam?

Any replies or stories about own experiences are very welcome.

Cid H. :)

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Should be normal, thats one slow PC.
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