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Is this a joke?

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I just read they have a cast for the Dungeon Siege movie, I thought the movie most be a joke in the first place...

How can you make a movie of a game without

1. Any Story
2. Any Differnce between characters aside from how they look
3. Anything Intressing At All, Besides the fact that the gameplay was fun.

Anyone has a theory? :D Well, mine is that it CAN be worse than alone in the dark LOL ( the reviews said that wasn't possible ) but I guess Uwe Boll found a way to outdo himself:D
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I was expecting Uwe Boll would be the director... finding bad script ideas seems to be one of his better talents.
1) it did somewhat have a story albeit a small and uninteresting one
2) just because the characters in the game could be trained to become anything doesnt mean they didnt have a role, and that surely doesnt mean that the movie couldnt give them roles
3) they could still make an interesting movie by doing 2 things lotr did really well, the scenery and the music
Dungeon Siege did have a story, although it was almost not interesting. I didn`t play through to the end so I can`t tell, but it started pretty well. And why do you think that the movie has to have the same story as the game? It could be something more than the game, like Resident Evil (movie) being different then the game, with only some ideeas in common.
As for the characters, they could probably be different characters in the movie then in the game (again, the RE movie examples).
I`ll go read some interviews before I say anything more.
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