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Download and install ffdshow tryouts.

Check that it handles the necessary audio codecs for the movies that you are watching. (AC3, E-AC3, DTS, Dolby, etc. Basically all of the movie codecs)

Go into the audio decoder config and turn on 'Normalize'.

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If you try Media Player Classic Homecinema, the audio options there also have a Normalize option. Using MPC:HC makes the audio portion of ffdshow pretty much useless.
that's exactly what I do.
plus check the Mixer option and from there choose what kind of sound setup you have. For me I have a 2.0 stereo setup.

This is useful if the sound of the movie is 7.1 or something like that and your sound system can't handle that well.

Be aware after doing all of that you may hear some scratches and weird sound, to solve this max the MPC volume tap and adjust the actual volume from the speakers themselves.

Hope that makes sense, sorry my english is broken!.
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