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is there n e way for me to speed up smackdown 2 on bleem?

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i was usin it on epsxe and with frameskip i can get the 50 frames a sec, however the graphics on bleem at a lower etting are still wayyyyyyyy better! my problem is no matter what graphic seiings i got bleem at, it wont go past 30, even wit frameskip, n e 1 got n e ideas how i could maybe speed this up a bit???
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What version of bleem are you using? From what I've seen, some games which run awfully slow on 1.5b run very well on 1.4a (Motoracer 2, for example runs full speed while on epsxe it doesn't, and my computer is SLOW). Other games which skip on 1.4a runs well on 1.5b (example, Earthworm Jim 2). Just experiment on different versions. This is due to a glitch in the speed limiter of the program. Version 1.4a and earlier have an advantage of adjusting the limiter manually.
use VGS to play Smack Down 2
i dont hav vgs and also like i said i just cant live witout my grpahic enhancements! i look at the original and say"B***OCKS" but then i turn on bleem and just go "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" o yea one other thing, is it impossible to get the titantrons workin in smackdown 2?
thanx man 1.4a did the trick it runs sweet now.. i can even watch the movies in colour!
Originally posted by Bahamut_Zero
use VGS to play Smack Down 2
On VGS I tried it but I don't know that why it runs very bad on it.......:(

I play on VGS and it works great
i dont vgs it doesnt improve graphics, i hav neva played it wit vgs but 320x240 on a monitor is wayyyy bad
on VGS is 640x480 not 320x240
still it doesnt matter as i do not have vgs, i prefer bleem for smackdown asit gives muchbetter graphics than epsxe, also for some reason epsxe wont excen work for me at all now it just quits evry time i try to run a cd, or change settings, it is doin my head in
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