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Judging from my last thread that had an overwhelmingly negative response though I considered it a good suggestion from a user with substantial compatibility problems (it was titled "on the sorry state of PSX emulation right now", and proposed a universal auto-settings function), it seems people can just configure their way out of any fix with these emulators.

Of course, I thought I knew that long ago, but that idea was changed by the fact that absolutely none of my games worked playably, and I was just getting fed up. (downloading every release of epsxe to date) Since I didn't have a chance to comment on the responses to my last post, I'd be happy to get a suggestion or few from people who have the configuration of Windows 2000 with a SCSI CD-RW (or CD-ROM). How did you get your system to work?

To be more specific about my system, I am running W2K SP2, 256M RAM with an Athlon T-bird 700, Radeon DDR 32MB, Smart & Friendly SCSI-2 CDRW at 32X/12X/4X, and dual shock controller with a SmartJoy4 USB adapter.

And I want AT LEAST Gran Turismo 1 and 2 to work, since they are the benchmarks of emulation compatibility. Yes I have tried "disable CDROM status" for this game, but it never got past the second title screen. Other games I would like working are Street Fighter EX1/EX2, Marvel vs Capcom, Pocket Fighters, Beatmania Append, and Biohazard Gun Survivor. For all of these games either the CD-ROM stops working, or the emulator quits with an error message either right when you start it or a little into the game, I presume when the sound starts.

I have tried almost every possible plugin configuration (except with non-Pete GPU drivers), using EPSXecutor and not, including turning on off MDecs, XA sound, MDec sound, CD-ROM accurate timing, and even used Adripsx and all the other major PSX emu's. I am not configuration challenged or readme/FAQ unfriendly. Something with my system just seems to be anti-PSX Emulation.

Yes, I have been blaming the emulators (as you saw in the last thread), since I really do think they're not easy enough to use - the settings SHOULD be auto-configured based on a list of games included with the emulator. You know, kind of like Bleem and VGS. And yes, I have tried Bleem and it works for most (but not all) of these games, however only in Windows 9x which I have removed in prep for WinXP. . Now epsxe (Adripsx?) are the only emulators which work in Win2000.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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