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is there ANYBODY with this configuration that can get espxe to work?

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Judging from my last thread that had an overwhelmingly negative response though I considered it a good suggestion from a user with substantial compatibility problems (it was titled "on the sorry state of PSX emulation right now", and proposed a universal auto-settings function), it seems people can just configure their way out of any fix with these emulators.

Of course, I thought I knew that long ago, but that idea was changed by the fact that absolutely none of my games worked playably, and I was just getting fed up. (downloading every release of epsxe to date) Since I didn't have a chance to comment on the responses to my last post, I'd be happy to get a suggestion or few from people who have the configuration of Windows 2000 with a SCSI CD-RW (or CD-ROM). How did you get your system to work?

To be more specific about my system, I am running W2K SP2, 256M RAM with an Athlon T-bird 700, Radeon DDR 32MB, Smart & Friendly SCSI-2 CDRW at 32X/12X/4X, and dual shock controller with a SmartJoy4 USB adapter.

And I want AT LEAST Gran Turismo 1 and 2 to work, since they are the benchmarks of emulation compatibility. Yes I have tried "disable CDROM status" for this game, but it never got past the second title screen. Other games I would like working are Street Fighter EX1/EX2, Marvel vs Capcom, Pocket Fighters, Beatmania Append, and Biohazard Gun Survivor. For all of these games either the CD-ROM stops working, or the emulator quits with an error message either right when you start it or a little into the game, I presume when the sound starts.

I have tried almost every possible plugin configuration (except with non-Pete GPU drivers), using EPSXecutor and not, including turning on off MDecs, XA sound, MDec sound, CD-ROM accurate timing, and even used Adripsx and all the other major PSX emu's. I am not configuration challenged or readme/FAQ unfriendly. Something with my system just seems to be anti-PSX Emulation.

Yes, I have been blaming the emulators (as you saw in the last thread), since I really do think they're not easy enough to use - the settings SHOULD be auto-configured based on a list of games included with the emulator. You know, kind of like Bleem and VGS. And yes, I have tried Bleem and it works for most (but not all) of these games, however only in Windows 9x which I have removed in prep for WinXP. . Now epsxe (Adripsx?) are the only emulators which work in Win2000.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I was the one that closed that thread because all it was was just one big complaint. No one wants to hear that. I have every game I own, except one, running pertectly w/ePSXe and I did it by myself through trial and error. Sure I got discouraged, but I didn't give up and eventually I succeeded.
Now this message is totally different. This is a request for help and I am sure you'll get some helpful responses. I, unfortunately, can't help you because my system is different from yours. But please be patient and I am sure you will get some help. Best of luck.
P.S. If you want a real challange, try setting up Meka, the Sega Master System emulator written by Zoop. It is a superb emulator but it takes a while to figure it out. But, I kept at it and now it works perfectly for me.
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...Or even try to play neogeo games w/ mame ;\
I didn t reach that point yet ^^ .
Sorry, offtopic reply

Rargh: I've never had any trouble running Neo Geo games with MAME. If you want some help with it drop me an email ([email protected]) and I'll try to help you out.

eclipsewave: Sorry I can't help much. Don't have Win2K. You could try ripping the CD with CDRWin and running it as an ISO. It supposedly runs better that way anyway.
:) thx!!

I really appreciate it, cuz' i want to play neogeo games online w/ friends^^.

Thx again dude.

bye ;)
I've 2 OS in my PC, Win98 and Win2K.

I've tried many combinations and found that ePSXe running much better in Win98 than Win2K, some plugin even failed in Win2K (like CD-ROM TSGMSCDEX).

I strongly suggest let ePSXe running in Win98, maybe it's developed under Win98, so it's better.

And please don't blame the author for anything, they work very hard and get no pay to bring us joy and wonder, even if we pay a small amount of $, this is only a bonus for them, they need to work for living.
I think you have a problem configuring you CD-Rom. Two things you may want to try:

1) Make an ISO of a couple games, and test with it.
2) Check this post, I made a small tutorial on configuring CD-Rom plugins.

[]s Badaro
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