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It seems that when you load a game from DISC 2 epsxe cant make the disc change from an ISO.

I've read somewhere that a quick fix is to make the disc change from an optical drive and create a savestate in order to resume from an ISO.

Problem is that the PC i'm currently in doesnt Have any optical drive, and i only have the ISO of the backup i had previously made.

So is there any way to bypass this issue and get the DISC iso to load?

Maybe someone has a savestate from the DISC 2 menu? Cause just booting from DISC 2 sadly doesnt get you on the menu. ou first have to load your game make the switch when prompted and then exit to the menu.

Anybod willing to help? I'm using the pal sles_02993 version.

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Search would've helped...

Anyway, either use ePSXe 1.6.0 or mount the ISO into a virtual drive via Daemon Tools or Alcohol. Then use 'Change Disc' instead. *be sure to configure the CDR plugin and point it to your virtual drive first!
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