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is there a way to back up your PS2 memory card?

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is there an accssesory or something that you can use to transfare your saves from a PS2 memory card to your computer for example? and if there is please tell me where to find it.

and another quastion about the PS2 harddisk is it a spicial harddisk or a one as the harddisks used in computers.

and a last quastion, is there any way to save your game other than the memory card???

thnx... :) (sorry about my bad english :emb: )
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1. Action Replay Max (I Think thats what its called)
2. No, you can use normal HDD's in your ps2, but make sure you look on the net to see if the drive you want to put in is compatible or not
3. No, you have to save your games to the memory card.
Reichfuher said:
1. Action Replay Max (I Think thats what its called)
this is the easiest metod and the one i use, you just need a pendrive and you can make a backup of your mc, you can also upload the save files from Gamefaqs for example and upload it to your mc.
IIRC, Action Replay Max has Max Drive included, so you are using the same.
You can also get a SharkPort. It comes with 2 disks, one that has software for your pc and another for the PS2. It also comes with a pc-to-PS2 usb link cable. It lets you backup your memory card to your pc. And if you have a Gameshark, it will let you transfer codes to the PS2.
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