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I am trying to create a head tracking solution while flying in gta5. Currently I am: Taking trackir input, sending to vjoy, and picking up that in x360ce which emulates the right stick. This is fine on it's own. Separately, I am remapping triggers and mouse yaw to the right stick using rewasd as my preferred control scheme.

This scheme is accessed through the paddle and holding this paddle is intended to change between right stick maps as well as turn on and off my trackir as needed.

The problem here is that because I am taking the triggers and placing them on the right stick, rewasd no longer outputs it as an elite controller, but rather a virtual controller instead. I can combined the xbox controller and the vjoy head tracking in x360ce, but this results in head tracking being mapped on top of the right stick and outputting throttle yaw instead.

The resolution I suspect is to find a way to get x360ce to pick up the virtual outputs of rewasd, rather than the physical controller, as this will allow me to fit the head tracking right stick under the virtual controller and output to the right stick, rather than the remapped mouse/trigger inputs. Can anybody provide information on how I might be able to complete this, be it feedback to x360ce, or otherwise other software. I've also tried alternative methods with trackir's mouse emulator (doesn't work at all) and facetracknoir with webcam and tobii eye tracker.
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