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I have a nintendo DS Lite (it has the gba slot) which I use to play Pokemon Fire Red and Emerald (both GBA games). I wish to cheat with the pokemon modifier codes, but apparently the action replay for the DS that has a GBA function (AR Max Duo) is not available anymore (checked ebay, nobody has the pal version of it, and it's also damn expensive).

By using a GBA emulator, I can easily use the gameshark function to get the Pokemon that I need. If the GBA emulator is able to link with my actual DS lite thru wireless, I can get the pokemon that I need by trading.

If not, I believe that two other options would remain.

2) Use a flash cart (that would only work if the actual rom file gets rewritten when one saves the game - if the actual handheld / emulator has a seperate saving storage facility, I can't use the flash cart, and it's also damn expensive)

3) Some sort of accessory that allows one to extract the game save to the pc, and replace the gamesave by importing a new one that I modified by using the Gameshark function of a GBA emulator.

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Option 2 and 3 are essentially the same and are your only option.
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